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Jick Munro and the Amazing Laserbeams, Album ‘The Ark’

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Released on April 2nd 2016, Jick Munro’s debut album The Ark is a homage to the band diversity and hosts a variety of styles.
The Ark displays the catalog of self-written songs build up through a period of growth of the band. It contains catchy country/bluegrass inspired up-tempo songs such as “Bourbonista” and “Gypsy Millionaire” and folky notes on the tracks “Drinking Song” and “Beggars of Bones”. Also present are ballad-like contributions such as “Some of Us” and cross-over compositions like “Heartbroken Road” and “Major Minor”.

1 Bourbonista (3:26)
2 Some of Us (3:42)
3 Major Minor (4:12)
4 Beggars of Bones (3:09)
5 Drinking Song (3:08)
6 The Road (4:11)
7 Abel (5:11)
8 Gypsy Millionaire (2:56)
9 Heartbroken Road (4:37)
10 Rocky Rocket (2:34)

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